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by Kelly M. September 19, 2020 6 min read

Bags - the most interesting accessories for women

Queen Elizabeth of England is said to send signals to servants by handling and positioning her handbag. With her daughter-in-law, Duchess Kate, every outfit is closely examined. The matching clutch is usually sold out within a few hours. What makes women want to have exactly what celebrities have worn - an eternal mystery.

Duchess Kate is into small bag models. Other women love hobo bags, bucket bags, voluminous shoppers or expensive designer bags. Probably no woman can walk past a department store department where bags are offered without a longing look. What makes handbags so fascinating is not easy to grasp. But every woman who thinks highly of herself has at least ten bags of different designs.

What fascinates women so much about a bag?

The superficial answer, of course, is its utility value. What would ladies be without all the mysterious things they carry in their bags? In some way, being a woman depends on being prepared for all eventualities. A businessman may carry his wallet and purse, including credit and business cards and his driver's license in his jacket pockets. At best he still has his smartphone, cigarettes and his golden lighter with him.

What a lady carries with her usually remains hidden from the public. It is all the little things that are kept inside the handbag as emergency helpers, beauty restorers or to avoid embarrassing moments. If someone asks prominent ladies what they keep in their bags, sometimes amazing, but often banal and practical things come to light. Nevertheless, myths still surround the contents of ladies' handbags.

Photographer Corwin von Kuhwede wanted to solve this mystery. He photographed the contents of various ladies' bags. And lo and behold, he found nothing mythical. The contents of ladies' handbags were banal. Useful and saving things for everyday situations were found when opening them. From safety pins to handkerchiefs to paperbacks, Corwin saw little that was astonishing. But what amazed him was the following: In tiny bags, ladies usually carry an amazing number of things. In voluminous bag models, however, often only a few things get lost.

The female penchant for luxury ladies' bags

Who can, who can - and who can, apparently a woman buys a really expensive handbag. So says the legend. Luxury is when someone spends a lot of money on things that in themselves are not necessary. Often they would be much cheaper in a similar form. In addition, a woman usually has to wait longer for a luxury bag from well-known designer brands. Studies show that the average American woman buys three bags a year. In the walk-in closet of stars like Jennifer Lopez, also known as J.Lo, there are now more bags than a year has days. J.Lo even had to rent a second apartment to store her treasures.

Nobility is an obligation - and celebrities even more so. But what drives the average woman to want to buy a super expensive luxury handbag? Apart from the utility value, it is obviously something else. Researchers at the University of Minnesota, based in Twin Cities, determined Women apparently invest demonstratively in expensive bags in order to outdo potential competitors. They deliberately display expensive bags, shoes and jewelry to signal to others that they are the chosen ones. This may sound absurd, but it has been proven in experiments.

For example, the 650 ladies who took part in such experiments
valuate the bags or shoes of other ladies. They should deduce from this how much their husband was devoted to his lady of the heart. Almost all observers classified the value of bags, shoes or jewelry as proof of the man's love. Even if these luxury goods did not represent gifts to the wife, she assumed that he had paid for the expensive designer bags. The ladies interviewed confirmed: "For other women, it would make little sense to flirt with such a visibly forgiven man. Whether this study has actually enriched us with relevant findings remains to be seen.

The most beautiful gift to a woman: an expensive handbag

Some men apparently make it easy for birthdays or Christmas: they go to a perfumery the day before the party and buy something expensive. The assumption behind this is that men are always right with the fine fragrances of trendy perfume labels. Certainly, perfumes are often a good solution - provided the lady likes them. But this gift certainly does not prove personal commitment. Especially when there is a fragrant embarrassment gift every year. If instead there's a hip designer bag from a well-known label under the Christmas tree, that's definitely a hit.

Bags are apparently among the things that give a woman more self-esteem. The American designer Tom Ford once said that for a beautiful bag where everything is in harmony, some women would die if she could not own it. There might even be a grain of truth in it. But this statement certainly does not apply to every woman. Nevertheless a new handbag is always a special proof of love. Especially if the husband of the gods paid attention to the longing looks or hints of his spouses, if there were bags in sight somewhere.

A beautiful bag often lasts a lifetime. It is a piece of home that a woman can take with her. It also completes her fashionable style. In this style she wants to feel comfortable. Handbags are faithful companions. They never disappoint a woman - unlike men they do not cheat on her. Bags offer just. They are comforting companions in all situations in life. Sometimes the contents of a bag even become a survival kit in times of need. Even if the masters of creation will never understand this: A bag makes a woman into what she wants to represent.

My goodness - which bag am I giving away?

Advice on perfume is definitely easier for a perplexed man: he likes the perfume presented or not. With bags, the searcher first has to spell out the types of bags currently available.

Should it be a hobo bag, a tote bag or a stylish leather shopper? Or does the lady's heart only beat up to her neck in a real Kelly-Bag? Maybe a clutch would be the right thing. But does the adored one also have the outfit to show her to advantage? Questions about questions. A good handbag dictionary solves many of them. After studying it, the donor knows exactly what distinguishes an envelope bag from a minaudière and a pochette from a bowling or trapeze bag.

There is only one thing a man should keep his hands off when it comes to bags: the knowingly buying a cheap Asian counterfeit. This looks like a super expensive luxury bag. But with it a man makes himself unpopular with the presentee. He may also be liable to prosecution. As a consolation, it should be said that there are many chic bags available today that are within the affordable range. They are nevertheless a valuable gift that is guaranteed to be a hit. The scent of leather, the harmonious design, the shape, the interior and its small practical details - all these are the things that women look at with goodwill and genuine interest.

The right bag for the right occasion

But every giver should know that every type of bag is suitable for a certain occasion. Not every bag takes a lady to work. Men should rather give away a stylish all-rounder like the Tote-Bag or a pochette than a bag for which there is no suitable occasion in the foreseeable future. Clutches, envelope bags and minaudières are pure evening bags. They are suitable for the press ball or the opera. A bowling bag can make an impression in business. The Messenger Bag, on the other hand, looks more businesslike and sporty. For shopping the Hobo Bags, the Shopper or the Trapeze Bags are the suitable bags.

A Weekender should at least induce to prospect a romantic weekend in a hotel. The most important insight is: bags stand for an attitude towards life in addition to their appearance, value and usefulness.

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