February 11, 2020 4 min read

Handbags are a particularly important accessory for women. It is not just a container in which important things are stored. The handbag is the constant faithful companion of a woman, in which the survival equipment is stored. The models differ greatly in this respect. Large, small, narrow, thick or in fantasy shapes manufactured bags characterize the market. Some can be worn casually over the shoulder, while others find their most comfortable fit in the crook of the arm. New studies report that carrying a handbag says a lot about the personality of the ladies. If you want to know which species you belong to, you will find the answer below. 

How can handbags be carried?

There are bags with short or long handles, bags that can be carried comfortably over the shoulder or bags that you can simply clamp under your arm. Opera costumes are often combined with a handbag that can be tucked under the arm. Backpacks are not only for the hiker, but also for the modern woman who would like to find plenty of space and storage in a bag. Is the backpack carried over one shoulder only or over both shoulders? Bags that can be worn diagonally show that the wearer considers a practical bag important. Women usually have several handbags, but all of them allow a preferred carrying method. Which bags are in your possession and how do you prefer to carry the handbag? The best thing to do is to have the perfect handbag for every occasion - this way you can carry it in a different way depending on your mood. 

1. When you carry your purse in your hand?

There are different ways to hold the bag in your hand. Each carrying method describes different characteristics. If you carry the handbag with both hands in front of you, it means that you are a reserved person. You cling to the bag and want to protect your belongings in this way. Nobody should have the opportunity to get the handbag out of your hand. In a certain way you can even be called a shy person.

If you carry the bag with your hand directly on the handle, you are concerned about safety. This way of carrying also describes that you want to protect your hand and goods. If there is only one hand on the handle of the bag, you walk the streets with a more cosmopolitan attitude, but still behave carefully.

Another way of carrying a handbag can be described as holding a baguette. You hold the handbag with both hands, with the bag folded. This means that you are more the practical type and do not care much about looks or fashion.

Large bags can be carried loosely with the handle in your hand. It is similar to carrying a shopping bag, which you can swing back and forth in a good mood. With this carrying method you show your environment that your life is all about power. You are independent and can take care of yourself quite well.

2. If you prefer to wear it over your shoulder?

If the bag is carried diagonally over the shoulder, it depends on whether the bag is in the back or the front. If you carry the bag in front of you, it acts as a protective shield. People perceive you as a quiet and reserved person. It also means that you are friendly, sensitive but also careful or sceptical. You would like to be in control and therefore prefer to play it safe. You almost always avoid risks.

If you carry the handbag diagonally and it points to the side or back, you are a practical person. It's about having your hands free for other things. However, you may also want to cover some of the curves with the bag. This happens when you choose a large handbag and place it over the problem areas.

For some people, carrying the handbag diagonally over their shoulder may seem churlish, if not downright peasant. However, don't let this distract you and choose a small bag, a leather bag for example, which looks noble and elegant.

3. When you carry your purse over your shoulder? 

Some prefer to carry the bag made of leather or fabric diagonally over the shoulder. Others, however, simply carry the bag over their shoulder. If you are one of those ladies who carry the handle bag over your shoulder, it means that you have a certain lack of self-confidence. The bag shows uncontrolled movements that cause a certain restlessness. You don't put the outfit and styling in the foreground, which in turn explains your free personality.

If the bag is under the jacket when you wear it this way, you appear mysterious to others. Nevertheless, it gives the impression that you are a spontaneous and relaxed type.

If the bag fits tightly to your body and has a short handle, you love the freedom of movement that results from it. You are free, independent and have your life completely under control. Looks or even showing a brand are absolutely in the background for you.

4. If you prefer carrying in the crook of your arm?

A leather bag or handle bag can be carried with either a short or long handle in the crook of the arm. If you find that this way of carrying suits you more, it describes you as a woman with class. The handle bag is an important accessory for you, which must meet the fashion demands of the time. Preferably you hold the golden iPhone in your hand and show an absolutely harmonious outfit. You like to show what you have and you are not afraid to name the price of the genuine leather bag.

Others perceive you as someone who radiates superiority and power. You are a master and can perfectly carry your heavy belongings around. If you hold the handbag like a prize or trophy, it is your pride and joy that everyone should admire.

If you show the bag in the open state in the crook of your arm, you have a good self-confidence and know exactly what you can do. In addition, others can calmly see what's in the bag - and ideally envy you for it.